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#830 ElimStateEvtExclInvs: multiple improvements.

  • Best to review per commit.
  • Functional changes:
    • For named state/event exclusion invariants, create a new automaton per invariant, and preserve their the names of the invariants as best as possible.
    • Preserve annotations of named state/event exclusion invariants, by moving them to the newly created automata.
    • For state/event exclusion invariants in groups, put the new automata within the groups, not as siblings of the groups.
    • Fixed a bug where 'disables' state/event exclusion invariants of locations of automata with more than one location got rewritten to automata that were not logically equivalent.
  • Other changes:
    • Rewrapped some comments (first commit).
    • Fixed some small issues in the documentation of the CIF to CIF 'Eliminate state/event exclusion invariants' transformation.

Closes #830 (closed)

Edited by Dennis Hendriks

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