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#801 Annotation argument syntax change + name optional + @doc multiple unnamed arguments

  • Best to review per commit. There are quite a few, as I made small steps. But not that much is going on.
  • The changes seem big, but the changes are actually relatively small. Mostly generated code and test updates make it seem bigger.
  • There are 3 changes. For each change I updated everything to be consistent again, before moving to the next one:
    • Change syntax of annotation arguments to use : instead of =, to separate an argument's name and value.
    • Allow unnamed annotation arguments, so only an Expression.
    • Change the @doc annotation to allow multiple unnamed arguments.
  • For the second change, allowing unnamed annotation arguments, the following not-directly-related changes we done as well:
    • Small textual improvements to the CIF Ecore docs, related to annotations.
    • Use AName for anno argument names in the AST, to use its keyword escape handling. The type checker then does no need to handle escaping anymore.
    • Some small improvements in the CIF documentation, related to annotations.

Closes #801 (closed)

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