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#593 Allow annotations on specifications

Dennis Hendriks requested to merge 593-cif-annos-on-specs into develop
  • Best to review per commit.
  • Design decisions:
    • Allow annotations in the metamodel on all components. Currently only used for specifications. Will be extended later. This is similar as for declarations.
    • Annotations for specifications must be at the start of the file, before any other elements, for consistency with other elements, where the annotations must also precede them.
    • Annotations for specifications use double @ signs, to be able to distinguish between annotations for the specification itself and for the first element of the specification.
  • Other changes:
    • CifAnnotationsTypeChecker doesn't need descriptionSupplier, and therefore now only has one public method (overload).
    • Generated Simulink code gets empty line between file header comment and imports, for consistency with generated C code.
    • Small comment improvement in ConvertFromEventBased.
    • Small textual fixes in lexical syntax page of the CIF reference manual.

Addresses #593

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