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#38 Improved AsciiDoctor-generated documentation HTML pages style

Dennis Hendriks requested to merge 38-asciidoc-html-style-improvements into develop
  • Best to review per commit.
  • Introduced custom AsciiDoctor stylesheet.
  • Various HTML styling improvements/fixes. Also closer to the website style.
  • Each docset now has its own theme, similar to the corresponding website theme.
  • Reduced the size of the website by sharing CSS file between pages of each docset (mostly undone by including the full TOC, see below).
  • Indicated external links with an icon after it.
  • Includes rudimentary TOC interactivity (collapse/expand functionality).
  • Include all TOC levels in TOCs of website pages.
  • Changed Chi and ToolDef website link color to be same as documentation, and be less close to black.
  • Some other changes. See separate commits.

Addresses #38 Fixes #395 (closed)

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