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#715 JS/HTML code generation: print model state

Dennis Hendriks requested to merge 715-js-html-codegen-print-state-to-log into develop
  • Best to review per commit.
  • Main change, for JS/HTML code generation:
    • Log initial state + state after event transitions.
    • For HTML: log panel shows horizontal scrollbar, doesn't wrap. Much easier to read then, in case of long 'state' logging lines.
  • Some other related changes as well:
    • Fixed valueToStr for JavaScript Symbols. Symbols are only used for enumeration literals. valueToStr is used in multiple places, such as:
      • Error messages such as for index of bounds.
      • fmt arguments for for %s and %S.
      • String representation of tuple elements.
      • Output of print declarations.
      • State logging.
    • Improved comments in generated code, and text in generated reports, for location pointer variables:
      • Include location pointer variables in 'original declaration names' mapping.
    • JS/HTML code generation simplifications:
      • Simplified code generation of frequency slider code.
      • Simplified code generation of logging-related code.
      • A 'log' function is always present now, also for JS, not only HTML.
      • Prevents having to prefix all JS log calls with 'console.'.
      • Unchanged: JS/HTML log to console. Only HTML logs to the log panel.
      • Transition logging code is hard-coded in the template now.

Addresses #715

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