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#227 Allow assigning input variables via SVG input mapping

It has been a while since we worked on this. What I want to do:

  • Implement idea U1 from #203 (comment 273350) / #227
  • Extend metamodel to a minimum
    • Update SvgIn element, make event optional and make updates with [0..*]. Parser should enforce one of the two is present.
    • Reuse Update element from Automaton.
  • Extend parser to a minimum
    • Allow update to have general name, not just an identifier (was done in !190 (merged), that was never merged to develop, I will redo it).
    • Implement @SVGINKW IDKW Expression DOKW Updates OptSvgFile @SEMICOLTK
    • For now, don't implement @SVGINKW IDKW Expression EVENTKW SvgInEvent DOKW Updates OptSvgFile @SEMICOLTK

What still needs to be done:

  • Everything related to simulator code.
  • Everything related to HTML code generation.
  • Tests for the typechecker and merge.
  • Update Metamodel diagram images.
  • Update LaTeX documentation.
  • Update common methods (if applicable).
  • Update CIF to CIF transformations and other tools.
    • The CIF merger would not be able to merge an svgin assignment with another specification that provides a non-input variable to be merged with the input variable, as then the svgin mapping would assign a non-input variable.
  • Update CIF documentation.
  • Update CIF example.

Addresses #227

Edited by Ferdie Reijnen

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