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#632 Multi-level tree computation: eliminate Algo2Data class.

  • I set out to try to improve the current code in !625 (merged).
  • We discussed there that we don't like the Algo2Data class.
  • I split it into 2 parts, Algo2Data (with the P/RP matrices), and the TreeNode. I then set out to eliminate Algo2Data altogether. Then I cleaned it all up, made it consistent, etc.
  • I came across a bunch of other small things, and improved them as well (in separate commits).
  • I also addressed the remaining comments in !625 (merged) that were not yet (fully) addressed.
  • Best reviewed per commit.

For me, this can be merged into !625 (merged) to finalize that one. @ahofkamp Let me know what you think.

Addresses #632 (closed)

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