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#417 More ESCET dark theme support

Plot visualizer:

  • Plot visualizer does not need to store theme listener is a field.

CIF simulator GUI input component:

  • JavaDocs are more clear about background vs foreground colors.
  • Added light and dark theme color schemes and theming support.
  • Color composites are now color canvases.
    • Setting background color for a component doesn't work.
    • Eclipse dark themes overrides it.
    • So is now a canvas that is manually painted.
    • To allow (re)painting, store color choices in field choiceColors.
  • Added focus listeners to ensure colors 'stick' when using dark theme.
  • Improved color markers.
    • Previously they were color composites, now color canvases.
    • Made them a bit wider, to be better visible.
  • Updated CIF simulator documentation.

Addresses #417 (closed)

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