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#416 Add tests for CIF common checks

Dennis Hendriks requested to merge 416-add-tests-for-cif-common-checks into develop


  • The CIF common checks are not application framework applications, but more like library functionality. I therefore added an application specifically for testing. Then I just used the integration test framework as usual.
  • I named the tests after the check class that they use, to allow the test application to be reused for all them.
  • The expression and type checks are parameterized. Hence, I created in the test plugin some derived classes. They essentially test per level (based on the number of '_' characters in the enum values). This allows testing for instance PLUS vs PLUS_INT vs PLUS_INT_RANGED. It doesn't test all 'logic paths', as PLUS_INT_RANGED and PLUS_INT_RANGELESS are still tested together. But we get quite some coverage this way.

I recommend reviewing the total changes, rather than the individual commits.

Closes #416 (closed)

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