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#196 Add DCSH variable ordering heuristic.

  • Added choice/reverse wrapper variable ordering algorithms.
  • Added DCSH variable ordering heuristic.
    • Is for now based on graphs constructed from the original hyper-edges.
      • Could later create DMSs/hyper-edges based on the paper's approach.
    • Is for now based on total span.
      • Will later also adopt the WES metric (a next merge request).
      • Until we introduce the WES metric, the reverse orders are never chosen, as reversing the order has no effect on the total span.
  • Added option to data-based synthesis tool to enable DCSH variable ordering (disabled by default, as for now considered experimental for end users).
  • Improved data-based synthesis variable ordering documentation:
    • Added DCSH algorithm/option.
    • Extended explanation of heuristic algorithms in general.
    • Extended explanation of when algorithms are not applied.
    • Extended descriptions of the FORCE and sliding window algorithms.

This merge requests now builds on !333 (merged). Once that one is merged, this merge request will automatically be re-targetted to develop.

Addresses #196 (closed)

Edited by Dennis Hendriks

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