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#370 Generalized CIF to Supremica precondition checks to reusable checks.

Model walkers:

  • ModelWalkerGenerator now also generates composite model walkers.
  • Removed unused rootClassName argument/variable from ModelWalkerGenerator.

EMF code generators

  • Removed 'v1x0x0' from JavaDoc.
  • Small improvements and alignments for EMF code generators.

CIF (pre)condition checkers:

  • Added generic CIF (pre)condition check(er) functionality.
  • Added various preconditions checks. Based on the ones used by CIF to Supremica. Some more general checks as well.
  • Change CifToSupremicaPreChecker to use generic checker, and updated CIF to Supremica expected test output. Other checkers to be done in separate branches.

CIF common:

  • Added CifTextUtils.hasName/getNamedSelfOrAncestor.

I recommend reviewing per commit.

Addresses #370 (closed)

Edited by Dennis Hendriks

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