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Use XChart and Java Diff Utils from Orbit + working build

#3 (closed) Use XChart and Java Diff Utils from Orbit + working build.

  • Using Orbit S20201124213957 (2020-12 RC1) for now.
  • Target platform configuration in Oomph setup:
    • New Orbit version.
    • Use and XChart Java Diff Utils from Orbit.
    • Alphabetic sorting, now without exceptions.
    • Temporarily removed '*' requirement and source locator.
      • Ensures we don't get issues for missing 'JavaBDD'.
    • Added some missing dependencies that were auto-resolved.
  • XChart has some internal APIs now, which really should be external.
    • There are no alternatives for this basic functionality.
    • They should not be in 'internal' packages.
    • Added warning suppressions to keep our code clean.
  • Updated product launch configuration.
  • Updated CIF simulator test output for new Commons Math version.
    • Commons Math 3.5.0 to 3.6.1.
  • Temporarily disable build of CIF data-based synthesis tool.
    • Can't build it currently, due to missing 'JavaBDD' dependency.
  • Parts of this branch to be reverted once JavaBDD is in Orbit.

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