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#36 AsciiDoc multi-page HTML generation for website and Eclipse help

  • Added AsciiDoc multi-page HTML split functionality and integrated it into the build for all 5 documentation sets.
  • Multi-page HTML links to both PDF and single-page HTML now.
  • No more warnings on missing 'toc.xml' files if no local build has been done. Added dummy toc.xml files.
  • No more duplicated contents in documentation plugins for Eclipse help content. A development runtime will no longer contain the 5 documentation sets, even after a local build. Do a full local build and check the product instead.
  • No more section anchors for Eclipse help output. Enabled section anchors for website output.
  • No more 'geneclipsetoc-maven-plugin' dependency for build.
  • Added jsoup and guava to the target platform.
  • Fixed documentation build launch configurations to also make dependencies, not dependents.
  • Chi documention: unique section name per source file.
  • CIF documentation: increase TOC level to ensure all pages in TOC, simulation TOC structure fix, small capitalization improvements, link syntax fix.
  • Lists.single method added.

Closes #36 (closed)

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