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Update developer documentation etc

Dennis Hendriks requested to merge 10-update-developer-documentation-etc into develop

Addresses #10 (closed)

Metadata files

  • Updated for new infrastructure.
  • Updated java-diff-utils identification.
  • Consistency updates.

Oomph setup

  • Updated for new infrastructure.
  • Git redirect added.
  • 'develop' is now our standard branch.
  • Temporarily added branch for issue #10 (closed) for testing.
  • Update for new Eclipse Checkstyle update site.
  • Removed JVM Monitor from development environment.
    • No longer works in recent Eclipse versions.
    • Project issue tracker no longer functional.
    • Contacted developer but no response.

ESCET (developer) documentation

  • Updated for new infrastructure.
  • Updated/extended for how we use GitLab.
  • Various other small improvements.
Edited by Dennis Hendriks

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