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WIP: Add testclient, refactor model quality checks, test cases generator, reachability graph generator and simulator

Koen Kanters requested to merge feature/issue-95 into main

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  • Support and test with more component constraints, not the full component constraint language is supported currently, known to not work:
    • AssignmentAction: this is used in the WebShopExample
  • Support full component language, known to not work (there could be more):
    • Multiton
    • Nested components (parts)
    • Connections/port instances
  • Manual/tutorial:
    • Activity 19 of the tutorial mentions generating a reachability graph and test cases for a component. This is not supported anymore, what to do with this?
    • Add test client example to tutorial
    • Add test client to manual
  • Optimize generated tests cases. Before switching to Petrinets a smarter test case algorithm was used. The implementation of this can be found here
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