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Quantization Polish

Benjamin Halimi requested to merge bhalimi/aidge_quantization:DevPTQ into main


This merge request aims to enhance drastically the quantization module, by reworking the code, documenting it, and fixing a critical bug. The new code should allow to run the quantization tutorial on multibranch architectures. Here is a list of the provided changes:

  • Simplify the handling of residual branches
  • Fix a critical bug in the quantization algorithm
  • Clean the headers and includes
  • Replace the 'cout' logs by 'fmt' ones
  • Add the doxygen documentation in the header
  • Add the sphinx docstrings in the pybind
  • Fix the import of fmt in the CMake
  • Update the

Modified files : QuantPTQ.hpp, QuantPTQ.cpp, pybind_QuantPTQ.cpp, CMakeLists.txt and

Edited by Benjamin Halimi

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