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MobileNet operators


Complete the missing cuda operators' backends to run a MobileNetV2 inference:

  • BatchNorm
  • Reshape
  • Add
  • GlobalAveragePooling
  • Pad
  • ConvDepthWise

Modified files

  • BatchNormImpl.hpp, BatchNormImpl.cpp and Test_BatchNormImpl.cpp, add BatchNorm cuda Impl;
  • ReshapeImpl.hpp, ReshapeImpl.cpp and Test_ReshapeImpl.cpp, add Reshape cuda Impl;
  • AddImpl.hpp, AddImpl.cpp and Test_AddImpl.cpp, add Add cuda Impl;
  • GlobalAveragePoolingImpl.hpp, GlobalAveragePoolingImpl.cpp and Test_GlobalAveragePoolingImpl.cpp, add GlobalAveragePooling cuda Impl;
  • PadImpl.hpp, PadImpl.cpp and Test_PadImpl.cpp, add Pad cuda Impl;
  • ConvImpl.hpp, ConvImpl.cpp and Test_ConvDepthWiseImpl.cpp, add ConvDepthWise cuda Impl;


  • DONE : Add "BatchNorm" Impl
  • DONE : Add "Reshape" Impl
  • DONE : Add "Add" Impl
  • DONE : Add "GlobalAveragePooling" Impl
  • DONE : Add "Pad" Impl
  • DONE : Add "ConvDepthWise" Impl
Edited by Houssem ROUIS

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