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      manifests/default.xml : Bump oe-core revision · 7278313b
      Pavel Zhukov authored
      * b2d10487f8 liberror-perl: Update sstate/equiv versions to clean cache - Richard Purdie
      * 7cdaac4a5a systemd: update 0008-add-missing-FTW_-macros-for-musl.patch - Pavel Zhukov
      * 6fa49ffcf2 archiver: don't use machine variables in shared recipes - Jose Quaresma
      * 7211a6fb51 gcc-source: Fix incorrect task dependencies from ${B} - Richard Purdie
      * 025d22e9c9 git: fix override syntax in RDEPENDS - Yi Zhao
      * 6168dbc9b2 popt: fix override syntax in RDEPENDS - Yi Zhao
      * 8876f33f08 e2fsprogs: add alternatives handling of lsattr as well - Rasmus Villemoes
      * 8c74bca4d6 oescripts: change compare logic in OEListPackageconfigTests - Mingli Yu
      * d8e454b370 xxhash: fix build with gcc 12 - Kai Kang
      * d8cb65b2ae archiver: use bb.note instead of echo - Jose Quaresma
      * 3beb0f1d44 meson.bbclass: add cython binary to cross/native toolchain config - Jack Mitchell
      * 5e6f4d0d3d devtool: Fix _copy_file() TypeError - Xiaobing Luo
      * e150443701 selftest/multiconfig: Test that multiconfigs in separate layers works - Richard Purdie
      * ea280917fc uboot-sign: Fix potential index error issues - Richard Purdie
      * b85e29de4b vim: Upgrade 8.2.5034 -> 8.2.5083 - Richard Purdie
      Signed-off-by: Pavel Zhukov's avatarPavel Zhukov <pavel.zhukov@huawei.com>
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      sysota: force external linking with clang · 6b4d14bf
      Pavel Zhukov authored
      When sysota is built with toolchain-clang broken dynamicaly linked
      binary file is produced [1] if shared linking (GO_DYNLINK) is disabled.
      As the result strip phase of do_packages fails with [2]
      Sysota is built with disabled shared linking because of another bug [3]
      The problem with stripping can be fixed with specifying external linker
      for clang toolchain (by default Go swutched to internal linker on 64bit
      arches if -pie has been specified since version 1.15 [4] ).
      Limiting this change to clang only to be safe.
      [1] **readelf: Error: no .dynamic section in the dynamic segment**
      [2] Subprocess output:x86_64-oniro-linux-llvm-strip: error: SHT_STRTAB
              string table section [index 7] is non-null terminated
      [3] eclipse/oniro-core/sysota#7
      [4] https://go.dev/doc/go1.15#linker
      Fixes: #624
      Signed-off-by: Pavel Zhukov's avatarPavel Zhukov <pavel.zhukov@huawei.com>
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      docs: Recommend slirp option for runqemu · 93960c5f
      Pavel Zhukov authored
      With default network settings of runqemu script Oniro images start without
      IP address assigned which may cause inconvenience for some users.
      Using user network allows network access from the Oniro VM and
      enables port forwarding for ssh access.
      Signed-off-by: Pavel Zhukov's avatarPavel Zhukov <pavel.zhukov@huawei.com>
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      default.xml: Bump oe-core revision · 765dbf67
      Pavel Zhukov authored
      Changes since last update:
      * 0f7a8359ba rootfs.py: close kernel_abi_ver_file - Martin Jansa
      * 9478e53995 buildhistory.bbclass: fix shell syntax when using dash - Martin Jansa
      * 741030ce32 systemd: Correct 0001-pass-correct-parameters-to-getdents64.patch - Jiaqing Zhao
      * 92a5fb9138 lttng-modules: fix shell syntax - Martin Jansa
      * 48aad396d9 lttng-modules: Fix build failure for 5.10.119+ and 5.15.44+ kernel - He Zhe
      * 6c689e1b6f lttng-modules: fix build against 5.18-rc7+ - Bruce Ashfield
      * a4b49bdba4 linux-yocto/5.10: update to v5.10.119 - Bruce Ashfield
      * 87f0b01ea3 linux-yocto/5.15: update to v5.15.44 - Bruce Ashfield
      * 6b82997af3 linux-yocto/5.15: cfg/xen: Move x86 configs to separate file - Bruce Ashfield
      * 10bb8f0309 linux-yocto/5.15: Enable MDIO bus config - Bruce Ashfield
      * 88ce6da03c linux-yocto/5.10: update to v5.10.118 - Bruce Ashfield
      * 3fb0fd6630 linux-yocto/5.15: update to v5.15.43 - Bruce Ashfield
      * 8f04684552 linux-yocto/5.15: bpf: explicitly disable unpriv eBPF by default - Bruce Ashfield
      * 64ac42262d lttng-ust: upgrade 2.13.2 -> 2.13.3 - wangmy
      * c4114d9bfb iso-codes: upgrade 4.9.0 -> 4.10.0 - wangmy
      * fb4672a8b4 baremetal-image: fix broken symlink in do_rootfs - Davide Gardenal
      * e30ef926e4 bitbake.conf: Make TCLIBC and TCMODE lazy assigned - Pavel Zhukov
      * e36a8a22bd glibc: Drop make-native dependency - Richard Purdie
      * 6b1bc1366b perl: Add dependency on make-native to avoid race issues - Richard Purdie
      * 4b694ded86 sanity: Switch to make 4.0 as a minimum version - Richard Purdie
      Signed-off-by: Pavel Zhukov's avatarPavel Zhukov <pavel.zhukov@huawei.com>
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    • Davide Gardenal's avatar
      default.xml: update upstream revisions · 3f48a0b0
      Davide Gardenal authored
      oe-core update includes:
      6ade2bfdd9 rootfs.py: find .ko.zst kernel modules
      3001199ca8 license.bbclass: Bound beginline and endline in copy_license_files()
      f9f1e7fa6b libseccomp: Correct LIC_FILES_CHKSUM
      daa6eb4dee alsa-plugins: fix libavtp vs. avtp packageconfig
      45b4597db3 kernel-yocto.bbclass: Reset to exiting on non-zero return code at end of task
      4eb85dbace perl: Fix build with gcc-12
      be70f51806 gcc-cross-canadian: Add nativesdk-zstd dependency
      0efcba381d gcc: depend on zstd-native
      c3b7f7a918 openssl: Backport fix for ptest cert expiry
      5323f09519 patch.py: make sure that patches/series file exists before quilt pop
      324e4f598c linux-firmware: split ath3k firmware
      99c0d4b8f9 linux-firmware: package new Qualcomm firmware
      4e5437696e webkitgtk: upgrade 2.36.1 -> 2.36.3
      daf12b551c gtk+3: upgrade 3.24.33 -> 3.24.34
      9311e79843 libxkbcommon: upgrade 1.4.0 -> 1.4.1
      a471cc829c glib-2.0: upgrade 2.72.1 -> 2.72.2
      190457be2e logrotate: upgrade 3.19.0 -> 3.20.1
      af7048c4b7 cups: upgrade 2.4.1 -> 2.4.2
      ac6b4900bc cve-update-db-native: make it possible to disable database updates
      2fc716ad75 cve-check: fix return type in check_cves
      79c02facd3 cve-check: write empty fragment files in the text mode
      66bf08f2df cve-check: move update_symlinks to a library
      27815774c9 lzo: Add further info to a patch and mark as Inactive-Upstream
      0c63c7aaab zip/unzip: mark all submittable patches as Inactive-Upstream
      ce83aed545 makedevs: Don't use COPYING.patch just to add license file into ${S}
      70ce538164 valgrind: submit arm patches upstream
      b2ad59506c bash: submit patch upstream
      4851c83652 systemd: Correct path returned in sd_path_lookup()
      80980314ec systemd: Drop 0002-don-t-use-glibc-specific-qsort_r.patch
      2b09a56711 systemd: Remove __compare_fn_t type in musl-specific patch
      752f51e0a5 systemd: Drop 0001-test-parse-argument-Include-signal.h.patch
      06c8bdec05 systemd: Update patch status
      afedd8aad2 systemd: Drop 0016-Hide-__start_BUS_ERROR_MAP-and-__stop_BUS_ERROR_MAP.patch
      d95e9e144b systemd: Document future actions needed for set of musl patches
      5420919e3e systemd: Drop redundant musl patches
      meta-arm update includes:
      a8cb33d arm-bsp/conf: fvp-baser-aemv8r64 model parameter update
      dd8b6c1 arm-bsp/u-boot: fvp-baser-aemv8r64 cache_state_modelled fixes
      Signed-off-by: Davide Gardenal's avatarDavide Gardenal <davide.gardenal@huawei.com>
    • philippe coval's avatar
      CONTRIBUTING.md: Add Eclipse ECA chapter · 92b0608c
      philippe coval authored
      This chapter was copied from jakarta project with minor fix
      Relate-to: eclipse/oniro-core/docs#96
      Forwarded: eclipse/oniro-core/oniro!105
      Signed-off-by: philippe coval's avatarPhilippe Coval <philippe.coval.ext@huawei.com>
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