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State in the README where to find the published documentation

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This repository contains the user-facing documentation for the AsciiDoc language as it's implemented in {url-org}/asciidoctor[Asciidoctor].
You can view the {url-docs}[published version] online.
This documentation has been submitted as the initial contribution for the {url-asciidoc-lang}[AsciiDoc Language project at Eclipse].
== Publishing
This repository only contains the documentation source files and assets.
The documentation is published {url-docs}[online] for reading.
Although you can view a preview of the files through the GitHub interface, it's not an official rendering and you should not expect all content to display properly.
To view it properly, you should read it {url-docs}[on the site where it is published].
== Documentation Structure
This repository is a registered content source in the {url-org}/[playbook file for].
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