Commit 07607ea8 authored by Zygmunt Krynicki's avatar Zygmunt Krynicki
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.gitlab-ci.yml: publish RAUC bundle to HawkBit

The HawkBit instance needs to be configured externally and reachable
from the runner performing the publishing step. The location of the
instance must be provided through environment variables compatible with
optional and untested.

The bundle is added as an artifact to a new software module named after
the bundle, using bundle timestamp as the version. The module is then
placed in a distribution named after the image (not the bundle), with
the exact same version.

Signed-off-by: Zygmunt Krynicki's avatarZygmunt Krynicki <>
parent ee052538
......@@ -93,6 +93,100 @@ bundle-raspberrypi4-64:
CI_ONIRO_RECIPE_NAME: oniro-bundle-base
# TODO: switch to zygoon/hawkbitctl
# blocked by
image: golang:latest
# Use the deploy stage so that we only publish bundles to HawkBit if and only
# if all the bundles built in their stage completed successfully. This delays
# publishing to ensure that we have a consistent set and not some partial set
# when something failed to build.
stage: deploy
# Those variables have to be provided by specialized jobs.
- set -e
- test -n "${CI_ONIRO_HAWKBIT_SWMOD_NAME:-}" || (
echo "precondition failed - CI_ONIRO_HAWKBIT_SWMOD_NAME is not set."
&& echo "It should be set to the name of the HawkBit software module"
&& exit 1 )
- test -n "${CI_ONIRO_HAWKBIT_DS_NAME:-}" || (
echo "precondition failed - CI_ONIRO_HAWKBIT_DS_NAME is not set."
&& echo "It should be set to the name of the HawkBit distribution set."
&& exit 1 )
- test -n "${CI_ONIRO_RAUC_BUNDLE_NAME:-}" || (
echo "precondition failed - CI_ONIRO_RAUC_BUNDLE_NAME is not set."
&& echo "It should be set to the name of the Yocto recipe constructing the RAUC bundle."
&& exit 1 )
- test -n "${MACHINE:-}" || (
echo "precondition failed - MACHINE is not set."
&& echo "It should be set to the name of the Yocto machine name."
&& exit 1 )
- test -n "${HAWKBIT_URL:-}" || (
echo "precondition failed - HAWKBIT_URL is not set."
&& exit 1 )
- test -n "${HAWKBIT_USERNAME:-}" || (
echo "precondition failed - HAWKBIT_USERNAME is not set."
&& exit 1 )
- test -n "${HAWKBIT_PASSWORD:-}" || (
echo "precondition failed - HAWKBIT_PASSWORD is not set."
&& echo "It should be set with a protected and masked variable."
&& exit 1 )
# TODO: remove this when switching to the dedicated docker container.
- go install
- test -L "${CI_PROJECT_DIR}/artifacts/images/${MACHINE}/${CI_ONIRO_RAUC_BUNDLE_NAME}-${MACHINE}.raucb" || (
echo "precondition failed - bundle file is either missing or is not a symbolic link."
&& find "${CI_PROJECT_DIR}/artifacts"
&& exit 1 )
- BUNDLE_FILE="$(readlink "${CI_PROJECT_DIR}/artifacts/images/${MACHINE}/${CI_ONIRO_RAUC_BUNDLE_NAME}-${MACHINE}.raucb")"
- test -n "$BUNDLE_FILE" || (
echo "Cannot compute BUNDLE_FILE"
&& ls -l "${CI_PROJECT_DIR}/artifacts/images/${MACHINE}/${CI_ONIRO_RAUC_BUNDLE_NAME}-${MACHINE}.raucb"
&& exit 1 )
- BUNDLE_VERSION="$(echo "$BUNDLE_FILE" | awk 'BEGIN { RS = "-" } /.*\.raucb/ { sub(".raucb", "", $NF); print $NF }')"
- test -n "$BUNDLE_VERSION" || (
echo "Cannot compute BUNDLE_VERSION"
&& exit 1 )
# TODO: create or find sw mod type for SysOTA + RAUC bundle
- hawkbitctl create software-module
-version "$BUNDLE_VERSION"
-type os
-vendor "Onrio"
-description "Automatic build from Oniro CI"
# TODO: create or find ds type for MACHINE and OS
- hawkbitctl create distribution-set
-version "$BUNDLE_VERSION"
-type os
-description "Automatic build from Oniro CI"
- hawkbitctl upload
-a "${CI_PROJECT_DIR}/artifacts/images/${MACHINE}/$(readlink "${CI_PROJECT_DIR}/artifacts/images/${MACHINE}/${CI_ONIRO_RAUC_BUNDLE_NAME}-${MACHINE}.raucb")"
# Publishing is done only for scheduled builds
- if: '$CI_PIPELINE_SOURCE == "schedule"'
# For merge requests, the publishing is optional and can be triggered manually.
- if: '$CI_PIPELINE_SOURCE == "merge_request_event"'
when: manual
allow_failure: true
extends: .publish-rauc-bundle-to-hawkbit
dependencies: [bundle-raspberrypi4-64]
needs: [bundle-raspberrypi4-64]
CI_ONIRO_HAWKBIT_SWMOD_NAME: oniro-bundle-base-raspberrypi4-64
CI_ONIRO_HAWKBIT_DS_NAME: oniro-image-base-raspberrypi4-64
CI_ONIRO_RAUC_BUNDLE_NAME: oniro-bundle-base
MACHINE: raspberrypi4-64
extends: .build-wic-image
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