Commit 025e67f1 authored by Marta Rybczynska's avatar Marta Rybczynska
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default.xml: Bump meta-arm revision

* 29dc214 : arm/edk2-firmware: cherry pick gcc 12.x compatibility patches - Maciej Borzecki
* 6301b32 : arm-bsp/sdcard-image-n1sdp: Fix N1SDP dependencies - Adam Johnston
* 2b392eb : arm-bsp/edk2-firmware: Add NT_FW_CONFIG to N1SDP to fix aborts when accessing virtual memory - Adam Johnston
* 01aa543 : arm-bsp/sdcard-image-n1sdp: N1SDP trusted boot - Adam Johnston
* 1e13b8b : arm-bsp/scp-firmware: N1SDP trusted boot - Adam Johnston
* d9c6ff9 : arm-bsp/trusted-firmware-a: N1SDP trusted boot - Adam Johnston
* 8c69397 : arm/oeqa: Fix regex warning in linuxboot test case - Peter Hoyes
Signed-off-by: Marta Rybczynska's avatarMarta Rybczynska <>
parent c6287fbc
......@@ -36,7 +36,7 @@ SPDX-FileCopyrightText: Huawei Inc.
<project name="meta-security" remote="yocto" revision="c79262a30bd385f5dbb009ef8704a1a01644528e" path="meta-security" />
<project name="rauc/meta-rauc" remote="github" revision="ea4236412dc4449eff4d52d3ef6b6d230355f936" path="meta-rauc" />
<project name="riscv/meta-riscv" remote="github" revision="70e099d7ceca52a1dde2c978713012f6b20a9891" path="meta-riscv" />
<project name="meta-arm" remote="yocto" revision="78fce73c3803aba82149a3a03fde1b708f5424fa" path="meta-arm" />
<project name="meta-arm" remote="yocto" revision="29dc2147d755c4f8089404d6993546608616a966" path="meta-arm" />
<project name="meta-java" remote="yocto" revision="1a8059f6b257ebe6fcae6416e499784d976afd24" path="meta-java" />
<project name="jiazhang0/meta-secure-core" remote="github" revision="d0a02859719f1a2c6b98d9d9afe785ec8535ec32" path="meta-secure-core" />
<project name="pub/rockchip/meta-seco-rockchip" remote="seco" revision="7aa0714b2c36655bf401e1066e841066f0f323c6" path="meta-seco-rockchip" />
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