1. 29 Apr, 2020 1 commit
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      [TOB-96] chore: Provide initial project set up · 3624a6da
      Christopher Keim authored
      * Create project via Angular CLI
      * Install libraries
      * Add scripts for development
      * Add basic SCSS styling
      [TOB-102, 105] feat: Add landing page
      * Add components for page header and error page
      * Add basic Angular routing
      * Add service for basic calls to back end API
      * Add service for authentication
      * Add service and configuration for translations
      * Add root NGRX store
      * Connect components with store
      [TOB-110, TOB-111] feat: Add dashboard
      * Add components for list of statements
      * Add components for detail view
      * Add calls to back end to get statements
      * Add store module for statements
      * Connect components with store
      [TOB-118, TOB-103] feat: Add start new statement
      * Add components for starting a new statement
      * Add calls to back end to post form
      * Extend store to use back end calls
      * Connect components with store
      [TOB-103] chore: Integrate into main portal
      * Add script for deploying as WAR file
      Signed-off-by: Christopher Keim's avatarChristopher Keim <keim@develop-group.de>