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    [TOB-127,21,406,74,315,52,92,354,391] feat: v0.9.0 · a48ee2af
    Christopher Keim authored
    [TOB-127] feat: Add components to display statement details
    * Add back end calls for statement details
    * Add component to display general statement information
    * Add component to display geographic position
    * Add component to display contribution status
    * Add component to display statements inbox attachments
    * Add component to display statements outbox attachments
    * Add component to display linked statements
    * Integrate details components in details page
    * Integrate details components in form components
    * Refresh process history on task change
    [TOB-21] feat: Add functionality to manually redispatch statement email
    * Add back end calls to redispatch statement email
    * Add store actions and effect for redispatching statement email
    * Integrate store into statement details page
    [TOB-406] feat: Add statement search
    * Extend back end API interface for search parameters
    * Add component for search filters
    * Add sorting buttons to statement table component
    * I...