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prepare initial contribution to asciidoc-lang

- tailor README for asciidoc-lang
- move LICENCE file into docs
- change Antora component name from "asciidoc" to "docs"
- remove placeholder CHANGELOG file at root
- add Antora playbook for building documentation locally
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= AsciiDoc Language Documentation Changelog
See link:docs/CHANGELOG.adoc[CHANGELOG].
= AsciiDoc Language Documentation = AsciiDoc Language
This repository contains the user-facing documentation for the AsciiDoc language as it's implemented in {url-org}/asciidoctor[Asciidoctor]. This project maintains the specification, Technology Compatiblity Kit (TCK), and documentation for the AsciiDoc language and its APIs.
You can view the {url-docs}[published version] online. The AsciiDoc Language Specification describes the syntax, grammar, and APIs for the AsciiDoc Language.
This documentation has been submitted as the initial contribution for the {url-asciidoc-lang}[AsciiDoc Language project at Eclipse].
== Publishing == Build the Documentation
This repository only contains the documentation source files and assets. The source files under [.path]_docs/_ are organized into a documentation component as identified by the [.path]_antora.yml_ file.
The documentation is published {url-docs}[online] for reading. To learn how to build this documentation using the playbook file [.path]_local-antora-playbook.yml_ with Antora, see the[Install and Run Antora Quickstart].
Although you can view a preview of the files through the GitHub interface, it's not an official rendering and you should not expect all content to display properly.
To view it properly, you should read it {url-docs}[on the site where it is published].
== Documentation Structure
This repository is a registered content source in the {url-org}/[playbook file for].
The source files are organized into a documentation component as described by the [.path]_antora.yml_ file.
To learn how to build this documentation using the playbook and Antora, see the[Install and Run Antora Quickstart].
== Copyright and License
Copyright (C) 2012-2020 Sarah White, Dan Allen, and the individual contributors to {url-org}/asciidoctor/graphs/contributors[Asciidoctor] and {url-org}/[].
Except where otherwise noted, the content of the AsciiDoc documentation and websites is licensed under a[Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License].
The use of the {url-org}[Asciidoctor projects] is granted under the terms of each software project's license.
== Authors
*Asciidoctor* is led by[Dan Allen] and[Sarah White] and has received contributions from many individuals in Asciidoctor's awesome community.
The project was initiated in 2012 by[Ryan Waldron] and based on {url-prototype}[a prototype] written by[Nick Hengeveld].
*AsciiDoc* was started and maintained by Stuart Rackham from[2002 to 2013] and has received contributions from many individuals in the[AsciiDoc community].
This documentation for the AsciiDoc language was extracted from the tip of the[docs-archive branch] in the repository.
== Trademarks == Trademarks
name: asciidoc name: docs
title: AsciiDoc title: AsciiDoc
version: latest version: latest
display_version: current display_version: current
# This is a configuration file for Antora.
# You can pass it to Antora to build this content as an HTML site for previewing offline.
# $ antora --clean local-antora-playbook.yml
# A copy of this documentation is also available online at
cache_dir: ./.cache/antora
title: AsciiDoc
start_page: docs::index.adoc
ensure_git_suffix: false
- url: .
start_path: docs
branches: HEAD
# ...or use this content source instead to pull the content directly from the repository
#- url:
# branches: HEAD
page-pagination: ''
experimental: ''
idprefix: '@'
idseparator: '-@'
table-caption: false
example-caption: false
listing-caption: false
hide-uri-scheme: '@'
snapshot: true
dir: ./public
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