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= AsciiDoc Language Documentation Changelog
This document summarizes the changes introduced to the AsciiDoc Language Documentation by quarter.
For a detailed view of what's changed, refer to the repository's[commit history].
== Published Q4 2020
These changes were committed and merged into the main branch starting on November 24, 2020.
* Replace the phrase _lead style_ with the phrase _lead role_
* Replace the table frame value `topbot` with `ends` (#9)
* Fix conflict with the built-in preamble ID
* Replace the document attribute `hardbreaks` with `hardbreaks-option` (#3)
* Fix links to page fragments (aka deep links)
* Fix grouping in navigation files
* Update xrefs to reflect module name change in asciidoctor component
* Import the AsciiDoc syntax quick reference content (#14)
* Add page about abstract block style to navigation and distinguish from abstract section
* Integrate the relative link documentation into the link macro page
* Document where an anchor must be placed for a list item in a description list (#21)
* Rework the reference table for built-in attributes by fixing incorrect values and descriptions, clarifying difference between effective value and implied value, and consolidating column for Header Only (#24)
* Fold intrinsic attributes reference into document attributes reference (#26)
* Use the term *pair* instead of *set* when referring to formatting mark complements (#6)
* Replace the phrase _set of brackets_ with the phrase _pair of brackets_ to align with updated terminology (#6)
* Replace the phrase _set of delimited lines_ with the phrase _pair of delimited lines_ (#6)
* Revise the overview page for text formatting and punctuation (#6)
* Move the hard line breaks section to a dedicated page under the Paragraphs section (#3)
* Move unordered lists before ordered lists in navigation file
* Replace fenced code blocks with AsciiDoc source blocks
* Drop unnecessary quotes in value of `subs` attribute
* Swap columns in AsciiDoc table cell example
* Use xref macro for inter-document xrefs
* Replace the name AsciiDoc Python with
* Define `navtitle` attribute on start page
* Rename version from current to latest
* Remove migration in progress notice
* Remove disabled pages
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