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MoM Marketing Meeting 2022wk07

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# Oniro WG Incubation stage marketing 2022wk07
* Chair: Agustin
* Scriba: Agustin
* Schedule: 2022-02-16
## Participants
Carlo P. (Array), Chiara DF (Huawei), Philippe C. (Huawei), Dony (Huawei), Davide R. (Huawei), Adrian O'S(Huawei), Gael B (EF), Clark R. (EF), Agustin BB (EF),
## Agenda
* MWC - Chiara 15 min
* New events - 5 min
* IP transfer - 5 min
* News - 3 min
* AOB - 2 min
No agenda sent up front sso we started by agreeing on the agenda. Two additional points added.
## MoM
### MWC 2022
* Confirmed breakfast with Canonical on March 1st
* We need to think about an elevator peach for Canonical
* More invites sent out.
* March 1st at 9:00 there will be a f2f/online pressentation about Oniro under invitation.
* All the information is in the MWC wiki page.
* The presentation is not at MWC venue but at W Barcelona hotel. OSC, another EF project, will have a presentation that day too.
* Video will go to the Oniro playlits
* Member reps. will participate. Can we add members to the equation?
* davide will be there
* Marco from Seco is attending to the presentation
* Will Linaro join?
* Media resources confirmed.
* We would like to have a collateral to hand over at the event and to the participants.
* There was a one page done for FODEM. #link <> This will be the source to work with.
* This is an infographic not a hand out.
* We need a new version for the handout. Chiara might make a proposal.
* The ticket to track the invitation creation and distribution is #link <>
* Wiki page #link <>
### New events
* Huawei community event (open webminars)
* #link: <> <> <> <> <>
* Plan to have presence on regular basis
* Management of these events is not centralised. A little extra effort for Chiara
* French one #link <>
* FOSSNorth #link <>
* 7 Oniro talks submitted.
* Huawei is sponsoring.
* Wiki page #link <>
* Go over it in the next occassion.
* #link <>
* Agustin will propose to have our community gathering during EclipseCon 2022, around the last few days of October. Agustin will send a more detailed proposal in this regard.
### News
Marketing Committee
* It will be scheduled for Wednesday March 9th at this same time during 1 hour
* Check the Oniro WG Charter for information about goals and responsibilities for this Committee #link <>
Marketing Plan
* Next Wednesday in this slot, description about the Marketing Plan
* EF process for developing the Marketing Plan and example
Other news:
* Marketing disscussion mailing list is coming. Please make sure you have a EF account:
* #link <>
### IP transfer of designs and marketing material from HUawei to EF
* Chiara ask how this is going.
* Agustin mentions that EF will discuss this topic 1:1 with HUawei representatives since it involves EF and Huawei (although affects Oniro). This could be a topic even in the 1: Huawei:ef/Oniro or the coming visit to Milan (Gael B).
### AOB
## Relevant links
* Repo: #link <>
* Actions workflow board: #link <>
* Actions priority board: #link <>
* Other meetings: #link <>
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