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## Participants
Dony, Chiara, Philippe, Carlo, Aurore, Stefan, Patrick
Dony (Huawei), Chiara (Huawei), Philippe (Huawei), Carlo (Array), Agustin (EF), Aurore (Huawei), Stefan (Huawei), Patrick (Noi Techpark) and Adrian (Huawei)
## Agenda
......@@ -60,8 +60,8 @@ Presentation
* May in Barcelona
* Oniro is sponsoring.
* Booth.
* Seco will be on the stage presenting the bleuprint.
* Event colocated with an additional one.
* Seco will be on the stage presenting the blueprint.
* Event collocated with an additional one.
* Call for participation.
* Company logo and description required.
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