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MoM from the marketing meeting 2022wk08

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## Participants
Dony, Chiara, Philippe, Carlo, Aurore, Stefan, Patrick
## Agenda
......@@ -32,17 +32,18 @@ Presentation
* Work continue in this front
* MR #link <>
* Davide Ricci's oonline participation confirmed. Looking for the confirmation from Bill Fletcher and Marco Sogli.
* Davide Ricci, Bill Fletcher and Marco Sogli online participation confirmed.
* Chiara sent a proposal
* Review from EF ongoing. Will be done today.
* Chiara sent a proposal. Review from EF done. Next step?
* Chiara will review it.
* Check the ticket #link <>
Promotion of the Oniro presentation on social media
* Check the task for progress #link <>
* I propose to close the ticket unless anybody has a different idea/proposal.
......@@ -52,24 +53,46 @@ Discussion
* FOSSNorth
* Oniro sponsoring
* Talks submitted. No info yet on approval
* IoTS World Congress
* May in Barcelona
* Oniro is sponsoring.
* Booth.
* Seco will be on the stage presenting the bleuprint.
* Event colocated with an additional one.
* Call for participation.
* Company logo and description required.
* Event we are not sponsoring is the Zephyr event #link <>
* CFP will close soon.
* Another interesting event #link <>
### Value proposition
* Reminder to review the value proposition document.
* Feedback required to improve the document.
* A video is planned on how we see Oniro in 5 or 10 years.
* Call for future use cases. Ping Aurore for an interview.
* There will be interviews.
* Collecting ideas to provide scenarios to an agency.
### AOB
* Marketing Plan will be explained during the initial Marketing Committee on March 9th
* IP transfer of designs and marketing material from HUawei to EF: discussion at Milan.
* Oniro WG marketing mailing list created.
* #link <>
* Public mailing list with Archive.
* Please join. Agustin will announce it shortly.
## Relevant links
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