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      Lukas Krawczyk authored
      This commit contains the content of the RTCToolbox source code archive, which was kindly provided by Prof. Lothar Thiele from ETH Zuerich. Compared to the original archive we received, the following files and folders were excluded:
      /bin/*       - Build artifacts
      /external/*  - External libraries
      The following external libraries were included in the original archive:
      - Cobertura:1.7
      - asm:2.1
      - junit:3.8.1
      - log4j:1.2.9
      - JavaNCSS:21.41
      - jakarta-oro:2.0.8
      They are purposely omitted in this commit, as they are only related to the build process and do not represent required dependencies.
      Signed-off-by: Lukas Krawczyk's avatarLukas Krawczyk <lukas.krawczyk@fh-dortmund.de>