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asciidoctor-pdf related info in README.cygwin

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......@@ -74,7 +74,7 @@ Cygwin setup
Libs: libncurses-devel
Libs: libreadline-devel
Libs: libedit-devel
Doc or Text: asciidoc
Doc or Text: asciidoc
If, after selecting the required packages and clicking on the
"Next" button, a "Resolving Dependcies" window lists further
......@@ -132,7 +132,8 @@ Cygwin setup
or(K) Using TITAN from source code
Get the latest source code from GitHub:
(K1)Get the latest source code from GitHub:
- First time:
cd ~/git
git clone
......@@ -140,9 +141,15 @@ Cygwin setup
- Updating the already existing local repository:
cd ~/git/titan.core
git pull
Download and install JDK from Oracle's download site:
(K2) Download and install JDK from Oracle's download site:
Compile Titan with Cygwin:
(K3) If you want generate pdf documents from your .adoc files (asciidoc files), execute this command:
gem install asciidoctor-pdf
(K4) Compile Titan with Cygwin:
Edit the <your home directory>/.bashrc, as above in (J), add these lines to it:
export TTCN3_DIR=${HOME}/git/titan.core/Install
export PATH=.:${TTCN3_DIR}/bin:${PATH}
......@@ -166,7 +173,7 @@ Cygwin setup
(L) If you want to use graphical tools (like nedit for example), then you need to install the Cygwin/X
component too. The install procedure can be found at the homepage:
(M) Continue from here with the Titan installation guide and the Eclipse plug-ins installation guide.
Recommendation is that you install Eclipse under Windows (not within the Cygwin environment).
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