Commit bc3612e0 authored by Adam Knapp's avatar Adam Knapp
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Optional field code generation bug fix #443

Signed-off-by: Adam Knapp's avatarAdam Knapp <>
parent 69fce2b9
......@@ -90,17 +90,8 @@ public final class Optional<TYPE extends Base_Type> extends Base_Type {
return this;
* Assigns the other value to this value.
* Overwriting the current content in the process.
* operator= in the core.
* @param otherValue
* the other value to assign.
* @return the new value object.
public Optional<TYPE> operator_assign(final Optional<TYPE> otherValue) {
public Optional<TYPE> operator_assign(final Optional<?> otherValue) {
switch (otherValue.optionalSelection) {
if (optional_sel.OPTIONAL_PRESENT.equals(optionalSelection)) {
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