Commit 10502b1a authored by Adam Knapp's avatar Adam Knapp
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Changing default color scheme for ASN1 keywords

Signed-off-by: Adam Knapp's avatarAdam Knapp <>
parent c2a879f0
......@@ -61,7 +61,7 @@ public final class PreferenceConstantValues {
put(PreferenceConstants.COLOR_COMMENTS + PreferenceConstants.BACKGROUND, WHITE);
// asn1 specific
put(PreferenceConstants.COLOR_ASN1_KEYWORDS + PreferenceConstants.FOREGROUND, WHITE);
put(PreferenceConstants.COLOR_ASN1_KEYWORDS + PreferenceConstants.FOREGROUND, BLACK);
put(PreferenceConstants.COLOR_ASN1_KEYWORDS + PreferenceConstants.USEBACKGROUNDCOLOR, false);
put(PreferenceConstants.COLOR_ASN1_KEYWORDS + PreferenceConstants.BACKGROUND, WHITE);
put(PreferenceConstants.COLOR_ASN1_KEYWORDS + PreferenceConstants.BOLD, true);
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