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update packages.json

Signed-off-by: Christopher Guindon's avatarChristopher Guindon <>
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......@@ -17,7 +17,7 @@
"watch": "NODE_ENV=development webpack --watch --progress --config=node_modules/laravel-mix/setup/webpack.config.js",
"hot": "NODE_ENV=development webpack-dev-server --inline --hot --config=node_modules/laravel-mix/setup/webpack.config.js",
"production": "NODE_ENV=production webpack --progress --config=node_modules/laravel-mix/setup/webpack.config.js",
"postinstall": "NODE_ENV=production npm run production"
"postinstall": "NODE_ENV=production yarn run production"
"dependencies": {
"eclipsefdn-hugo-solstice-theme": "0.0.141"
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