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title: "openMobility Telco Nov 15th, 2022"
date: 2022-09-06T17:09:45+02:00
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## Attendees
- Robert Hilbrich (DLR)
- Michael Behrisch (DLR)
- Robert Protzmann (FhG FOKUS)
- Karl Schrab (FhG FOKUS)
- Moritz Schweppenhäuser (FhG FOKUS)
- Jakob Kaths (Vector)
- Andreas Riexinger (BOSCH)
- Michael Plagge (Eclipse Foundation)
- Sharon Corbett (Eclipse Foundation)
- Josko Balic (AVL)
- Bhanu (Goleyo)
- Dominik Salles (FKFS – Forschungsinstitut für Kraftfahrwesen und Fahrzeugmotoren Stuttgart)
## Introduction
## News from the Projects
### Eclipse MOSAIC
- Berlin scenario was publicly released; see [Berlin Sumo Traffic Scenario]( and last openMobility meeting minutes
- Moritz Schweppenhäuser is now part of the FhG FOKUS team working on Eclipse MOSAIC
- New release 22.1 of Eclipse MOSAIC in October
- Improvements of the perception models (realistic occlusion, improved ns3 coupling)
### Eclipse SUMO
- Last week: SUMO release 1.15.0 (see [Download page](
- Features:
- improvements in traffic light editing in netedit
- improvements of multimodal bicycle and pedestrian traffic handling
- collection of scenarios in the GitHub repository - are there alternatives to the addition of the Berlin scenario as a submodule? --> FhG FOKUS will check for possible solutions
- i18n basics for SUMO have been implemented - we use [Weblate]( to develop translations for Spanish and French for SUMO GUI and NetEdit
## Other News
- openADx Working Group will be terminated, effective Dec. 31, 2022
- EclipseCon
- Automotive Community day:
- room was too small for the attendees; good feedback so far
- Interest Groups were introduced in the members meeting at EclipseCon (and was part of the members newsletter)
- Hackathon on the final day at EclipseCon was very well received
- Bosch Connected Experience (BCX)
- Hackathon to combine Eclipse Projects in the SDV context
- Andy achieved "winner of the hearts"
## Future of openMobility: Introduction of Interest Groups at Eclipse Foundation
- Sharon Corbett presents the concept of Interest Groups (see [Slides](../../files/20221115-interest-groups.pdf))
- Motion: Robert Hilbrich moved to terminate the formal working group in favor of OpenMobility transitioning to an Eclipse Interest Group
- Second: Andy Riexinger seconded the motion
- No objections or absentions received
- RESOLVED, the Steering Committee unanimously approves to terminate the formal OpenMobility working group and transition to a lighter weight Interest Group model based on the timeline presented during the meeting (transition complete end of January 2023).
- Robert Hilbrich was nominated as Interest Group lead for the openMobility interest group
## Any other Business
- Hackathon for "openMobility projects" to engage contributors / increase amount of committers for projects?
- Onboarding training / talk about "How to become a committer to an Open Source project"?
- Good idea - should be pursued in conjunction with Automotive PMC
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Meeting minutes:
- [Telco Nov 15, 2022](/working-group/minutes/20221115)
- [Telco Sep 06, 2022](/working-group/minutes/20220906)
- [Telco Jun 14, 2022](/working-group/minutes/20220614)
- [Telco Oct 19, 2021](/working-group/minutes/20211019)
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