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#21 - Add new testimonial

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text: Oniro will be the future of the open source OS, it will mark a new trend for its deeply innovative nature and defining it only as an operating system would be extremely reductive. In fact, it focuses on the end-user with an incredible user-experience, but it is also oriented to the content creators and OEMs at the same time, bringing to all of them certainty, choice and convenience. It is born for device collaboration at the edge, to be hardware architecture independent, to create a swarm intelligence, and to enable ambient computing. For more than 40 years SECO has been designing and manufacturing innovative products and services for OEMs and we strongly believe that Oniro is a game changer in supporting our customers to the digital transformation.
author: Gianluca Venere
job_title: Chief Innovation Officer, SECO
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job_title: Chief Innovation Officer, SECO
text: We, at the OpenAtom Foundation, know that we will allow our partner, the Eclipse Foundation to build and develop the next-generation all-scenario open source OS, and expand the OpenHarmony ecosystem. We are looking forward to making history with the Eclipse Foundation and developers around the world.
author: Tao Yang
job_title: Chairman of the Board of Directors at the OpenAtom Foundation
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