1. 30 Jul, 2021 1 commit
    • Zhou (Link)  Fang's avatar
      Portal Landing Page - Left sidebar and Dashboard FAQs (#144) · 9d89be15
      Zhou (Link) Fang authored
      * Added basic router and navigation layout
      * finished navigation logic
      * made the left nav bar a component and improved the styles
      * Added a demo collapse section
      * finished the basic faq collapse list
      * finished the basic faq collapse list
      * finished style for FAQs part
      * removed unused imports
      * minor update to fix a React warning
      * Added fetch for user name and avatar
      * made some improvements based on feedback
      * Added basic components and styles
      * commented out home
      * fixed unused variables issue
      * Server responds 302 redirect when there is no token/q_session #193
      Adds property that stops auto redirect when there is an issue with
      authentication and source is Javascript.
      * Changed some of the navs to sub navs
      * simplified the style of panels
      Co-authored-by: Martin Lowe's avatarMartin Lowe <martin.lowe@eclipse-foundation.org>