Unverified Commit 880d8cfa authored by Martin Lowe's avatar Martin Lowe 🇨🇦 Committed by GitHub
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Fix condition causing infinite calls in scheduled DB task (#321)

parent 3d0fbeff
......@@ -69,14 +69,16 @@ public class ScheduledDBCleanTask {
// get the expired form objects
long size = dao.count(initialQuery);
LOGGER.info("Getting {} forms to remove dependant records", size);
List<MembershipForm> forms = new ArrayList<>();
int count = 0;
while (forms.size() <= size) {
while (forms.size() < size) {
// update the query to get the next page
params.add(DefaultUrlParameterNames.PAGE.getName(), Integer.toString(++count));
RDBMSQuery<MembershipForm> q = new RDBMSQuery<>(new RequestWrapper(), filters.get(MembershipForm.class), params);
LOGGER.info("Retrieved {} out of {} records",forms.size(),size);
// build batch parameters to delete old documents
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