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Added Oniro wg to working_groups.json

See merge request !368
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......@@ -672,6 +672,49 @@
"membership": ""
"levels": []
"oniro": {
"alias": "oniro",
"title": "Oniro Working Group",
"status": "proposed",
"logo": "",
"description": "The Oniro Working Group will foster an ecosystem of organizations that supports the community in the production and evolution of the Oniro operating system and platform. Oniro is a new commercially oriented, modular, and multikernel open source software platform. Its ecosystem will be developed in an environment where collaboration is promoted via the core Eclipse Foundation principles of vendor-neutrality, transparency, and openness.",
"resources": {
"charter": "",
"participation_agreements": {
"individual": null,
"organization": {
"document_id": "f348c2873ca8ed8e9eca",
"pdf": ""
"website": "",
"members": "",
"sponsorship": "",
"contact_form": ""
"levels": [
"relation": "WGSD",
"description": "Strategic Member"
"relation": "WGFVA",
"description": "Gold Member"
"relation": "WGHLP",
"description": "Silver Member"
"relation": "WGFHA",
"description": "Committer Member"
"relation": "WGSAP",
"description": "Guest Member"
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