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author: Stefan Ferber
job_title: CEO
company: Bosch Software Innovations
picture_link: /assets/images/working-group/stefan-ferber.jpg
picture_link: /assets/images/testimonials/stefan-ferber.jpg
picture_alt: Picture of Stefan Ferber
text: Eclipse IoT is the industry’s leading community for Open Source IoT projects. For Red Hat, Eclipse IoT is the place where we collaborate with like-minded colleagues from other firms to create projects that form the basis of our IoT products.
author: David Ingham
job_title: Director of Software Engineering
company: Integration Middleware, Red Hat
picture_link: /assets/images/working-group/david-ingham.jpg
picture_link: /assets/images/testimonials/david-ingham.jpg
picture_alt: Picture of David Ingham
text: Within Eclipse IoT, Eurotech is working with Cloudera, Red Hat, and others to develop key IoT runtimes and other enabling technologies that will enable integrated, end-to-end open IoT architectures.
author: Giuseppe Surace
job_title: Chief Product and Marketing Officer
company: Eurotech
picture_link: /assets/images/working-group/giuseppe-surace.jpg
picture_link: /assets/images/testimonials/giuseppe-surace.jpg
picture_alt: Picture of Giuseppe Surace
text: Finally, DB foresees more open source integrations in the future and looks forward to collaborating within the Eclipse IoT Working Group. Being part of a collaboration like Eclipse IoT is a good opportunity to improve DB’s use of open source technology, and in the long term creates better solutions for DB passengers.
author: Alexander Schmitt
job_title: Chief Architect
company: DB-Systel
picture_link: /assets/images/working-group/db.jpg
picture_link: /assets/images/testimonials/db.jpg
picture_alt: Picture of Alexander Schmitt
text: The Eclipse Foundation [puts] forth great effort to provide open source contributions in the IoT space, which translates to vitality and enthusiasm. This is very important to us.
author: Nicola La Gloria
job_title: Co-founder and CEO
company: Kynetics
picture_link: /assets/images/working-group/nicola-la-gloria.png
picture_link: /assets/images/testimonials/nicola-la-gloria.png
picture_alt: Picture of Nicola La Gloria
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