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Adding Call for Submissions: Demos, Posters, Short Papers

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......@@ -11,7 +11,7 @@ hide_breadcrumb: true
container: "container-fluid saam-2021-event"
summary: "The Eclipse SAAM Mobility 2021 virtual conference, June 15-16, will bring together industry experts and researchers working on innovative software and systems solutions for the next generation of mobility, especially focusing on Security and Privacy, Artificial Intelligence, Architecture, Modelling and related challenges."
layout: single
links: [[href: "cfp.pdf",text: "Call for Papers"],[href: "",text: "Submit a Paper"],[href: "",text: "Register"]]
links: [[href: "cfs.pdf",text: "Call for Submissions"],[href: "",text: "Register"],[href: "",text: "Submit"]]
<!-- Introduction -->
{{< grid/section-container id="registration" class="featured-section-row featured-section-row-lighter-bg">}}
......@@ -138,16 +138,14 @@ The Technical Program Committee is an independent panel of expert volunteers and
[//]: # (Register)
{{< grid/section-container class="featured-section-row" isMarkdown="false">}}
{{< grid/div class="margin-top-30" isMarkdown="false">}}
{{< grid/div class="col-xs-24 col-sm-8 col-sm-offset-2 text-center" isMarkdown="false">}}
{{< bootstrap/button linkClass="btn-primary btn-wide" href="cfp.pdf">}}Call for Papers{{</bootstrap/button>}}
{{< bootstrap/button linkClass="btn-primary btn-wide" href="/code-of-conduct/">}}Code of Conduct{{</bootstrap/button>}}
{{</ grid/div >}}
{{< grid/div class="col-xs-24 col-sm-8 col-sm-offset-4 text-center" isMarkdown="false">}}
{{< bootstrap/button linkClass="btn-primary btn-wide" href="ttps://">}}Register{{</bootstrap/button>}}
{{</ grid/div >}}
{{</ grid/div >}}
{{</ grid/section-container >}}
[//]: # (Organizing Committee)
end_date: 2021-06-10
end_date: 2021-06-17
end_text: "Eclipse SAAM Mobility 2021 is now over. Watch this space for links to the papers and presentations."
- url: /code-of-conduct/
text: Code of Conduct
- url:
text: Submit a Paper
- url: cfs.pdf
text: Call for Submissions
- url:
text: Register
- url:
text: Submit
......@@ -16,4 +16,5 @@
@saam-mobility-2021-middle-banner: url('images/default/saam-mobility-2021-bottom.jpg');
@saam-mobility-2021-header-banner: url('images/default/saam-mobility-2021-middle.jpg');
//@saam-mobility-2021-header-banner: url('images/default/saam-mobility-2021-middle.jpg');
@saam-mobility-2021-header-banner: url('images/default/saam-mobility-2021-middle-CfD.jpg');
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