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demands on the existing tools and frameworks. Instead of solving these challenges alone, partnering in
non-differentiating areas and collaborating is the path forward.</p>
- name: 'Context Aware Software Stacks for Mobility: Overview'
presenter: Deniz Memis
type: session
time: 13:50 - 14:10
abstract: |
<p>Naci Dai, Deniz Memis and Burak Saglam<br/>
Humans are very good at adapting to and driving in very different conditions and environments.
Complex AI based software such as Autonomous vehicles (AV) are biased by the training data and
they do not do well in different contexts. Environment perception and context awareness can be
used to adapt and deploy complex networks of AI systems that are expected to perform safely on
many different environments and edge cases. Typical Autonomous Drive (AD) software stacks provide
localization, object detection and tracking using an array of sensor data. Additional sources of
information such as V2X connectivity, passenger behavior, person-to-device mapping, urban context,
degradation of traffic etc. complements the sensor data that can be used to describe a context. This
ontext is used to predict and adapt the system of software and applications that are deployed to the
Context Aware Software Stack for Mobility (CASSM) describes a model based approach for definition of a
oftware stack for complex systems such as those found in autonomous vehicles. Machine Learning is used
to detect a context and adapt the software stack, which can then be used to identify and deploy services
to autonomous vehicles. CASSM will be an open source in-vehicle delivery of context-driven services and
applications. This paper describes an architecture to define context-aware personalized & dynamically
provisioned capabilities, applications & services to autonomous vehicles.
- name: 'APP4MC RaceCar: A Practical ADAS Demonstrator for Evaluating and Verifying Timing Behavior'
presenter: Anand Prakash
type: session
time: 14:10 - 14:30
abstract: |
<p>Anand Prakash, Lukas Krawczyk and Carsten Wolff<br/>
- name: 'Papers Presentations'
presenter: Authors
type: session
time: 13:40 - 17:00
abstract: |
- name: 'Papers Presentations'
presenter: Authors
type: session
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