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......@@ -38,4 +38,10 @@ The TheiaCon 2021 Call for Presentations (CFP) is now open. We will be offering
{{</ grid/div >}}
{{</ grid/section-container >}}
<!-- Add user carousel for speakers -->
{{< grid/section-container id="speakers" class="featured-section-row text-center featured-section-row-dark-bg eclipsefdn-user-display-circle" >}}
{{< events/user_display event="theiacon" year="2021" title="Speakers" source="speakers" imageRoot="/2021/theiacon/images/committee/" displayLearnMore="false" />}}
{{</ grid/section-container >}}
<!-- Add sponsors section -->
{{< theiacon/sponsored-by event="theiacon" year="2021" source="members">}}
\ No newline at end of file
- name: "Marc Dumais"
title: "Software Developer at Ericsson AB, Canada"
img: "marc-dumais.jpg"
- name: "Jonas Helming"
title: "Software Engineer at EclipseSource"
img: "jonas-helming.jpg"
- name: "Thomas Mäder"
title: "Principal Software Developer at Red Hat"
img: "thomas-mader.jpg"
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