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......@@ -17,7 +17,7 @@ links: [[href: "cfs.pdf",text: "Call for Submissions"],[href: "https://www.event
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<h2>Call for Posters, Demo’s, Short Papers now open! </h2>
<h2 color="red">Call for Posters, Demo’s, Short Papers now open! </h2>
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......@@ -26,7 +26,10 @@ links: [[href: "cfs.pdf",text: "Call for Submissions"],[href: "https://www.event
{{< events/registration event="saam-mobility" year="2021" title="About the Event">}}
Mark your calendars for Eclipse SAAM Mobility 2021, June 15-16. The virtual conference will bring together industry experts and researchers working on innovative software and systems solutions for the next generation of mobility, especially focusing on Security and Privacy, Artificial Intelligence, Architecture, Modelling and related challenges.
**The call for papers has been extended to April 23**. Download the call for papers now and talk with your colleagues about participating at Eclipse SAAM Mobility 2021.
## Call for Posters, Demo’s, Short Papers is open!##
###You are invited to submit posters, demo’s and short papers by May 28th. Start the technology conversation at SAAM Mobility 2021.###
{{</ events/registration >}}
{{</ grid/section-container >}}
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