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title: "Eclipse AI, Cloud & Edge (AICE) Working Group"
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The Eclipse AI, Cloud & Edge (AICE) is an Eclipse Working Group, currently in construction, to promote the advancement, development and experimentation of open source software for AI, Cloud & Edge technologies. It also manages and operates an open lab (the “AICE OpenLab”) that provides a set of resources to achieve these goals.
## Activities
The AICE WG and the associated AICE OpenLab achieve this by:
- Fostering open and neutral collaboration amongst members for the adoption of open source technologies.
- Defining, publishing and promoting reference architectures, blueprints and distributions of open source software that have been verified for industry AI, Cloud, and Edge standards, requirements, and use cases.
- Developing and providing open source verification test suites, test tools, calibrated datasets and hosted test infrastructure for industry AI, Cloud, and Edge standards, requirements and use cases.
- Ensuring that key requirements regarding privacy, security and ethics are integrated into all the OpenLab activities.
- Partnering with industry organizations to assemble and verify open source software for their standards, requirements, and use cases.
- Promoting the AICE OpenLab in the marketplace and engaging with the larger open source community.
- Managing and funding the lab infrastructure resources to support this work.
## Participating
### How to join?
Are you interested in joining AICE? It's easy, the working group is open to everyone.
First step to join us is to subscribe to the AICE mailing list that can be found on the [Eclipse mailing lists page]( Archives can be browsed [here](
If you would like to more actively engage with the initiative, please read more:
- [The Working Group Charter](
- [The Participation Agreement](
And contact [Florent Zara]( or [Gaël Blondelle](
### Monthly meetings
We also hold monthly meetings to discuss actions, organise events and monitor progress of our various tasks.
Meetings are announced on the mailing list.
## Supporters
[![AURA logo](images/partner-logos/aura-logo.png)](
## Testimonial
> We worked with AICE to audit our current setup and improve the performance of our MLOps pipeline for epileptic seizure detection. We started from a working, although non-optimal, prototype and turned it into a fully optimised, reproducible and scalable workflow that can be seamlessly deployed almost anywhere.
> We now have a clean and well-structured repository that we can reuse for future developments, and a set of established best practices to help us build and deliver better software solutions.
- Alexis Comte, data scientist at AURA.
title: "News & Events"
seo_title: "News & Events - AICE"
date: 2022-03-08T10:00:00+01:00
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title: "Presentations"
seo_title: "Presentations - AICE"
keywords: ["AICE"]
This section lists some material that was produced during our meetings, along with links and external references.
## AICE April 2022 Monthly Meeting (2022-04-07)
We were glad to welcome [AURA healthcare NPO]( that presented us the results of the [use case implemented using AICE](/articles/aice_aura_demonstrator/) OpenLab. We also provided the latest news on AICE.
Direct access to the replay:
* [Introduction to the AICE Working Group](
* [News of the AICE Working Group](
* [First AICE Use Case presentation with AURA Healthcare](
* [Coming next on the AICE Working Group](
* [Q&A session](
You may also [download the slides](
## AICE Meetup (2021-11-24)
This AICE OpenLab meetup was the first opportunity we had to join together after COVID to build the community around pilots and testbeds for AI, Cloud and Edge Computing. As the topic was also of interest to people who could not travel yet, we also offered the option to join online.
The meeting was held in Brussels, Belgium, at the Huawei office, 180 Chaussée d'Etterbeek, 1040 Etterbeek.
* Welcome speech and agenda -- Gaël Blondelle, Vice President, Ecosystem Development (Eclipse Foundation) \
[Download slides](
* EC OSS Study and AI Policy -- Paula Grzegorzewska, Senior Policy Advisor (OpenForum Europe) \
[Download slides]( - [See video](
* Gaia-X and AI -- Pierre Gronlier, Chief Technology Officer (Gaia-X) \
[See video](
* The AICE OpenLab + Pilot -- Gaël Blondelle, Vice President, Ecosystem Development & Boris Baldassari (Eclipse Foundation) \
[Download slides](
* Beyond AIOps - How to "open source" operations and create free data -- Marcel Hild, Manager, AIOps, AI CoE CTO Office (RedHat) \
[Download slides]( - [See video](
* AI4EU Experiments -- Martin Welss, Senior Architect of AI4EU (Fraunhofer IAIS) \
[Download slides]( - [See video](
* AIPlan4EU -- Andrea Micheli, Post-Doctoral Researcher (Fundazione Bruno Kessler) \
[Download slides]( - [See video](
* MindSpore -- Jean-Baptiste Onofre, Open Source Specialist (Huawei) \
[Download slides]( - [See video](
* Solid - secure decentralised data storage -- Philip Leroux, IOF Innovation Officer AI (IMEC) \
[Download slides](
* Open Services Cloud -- Bryan Che, Chief Strategy Officer (Huawei) \
[Download slides]( - [See video](
* Open Euler -- Mauro Carvalho Chehab, Operating Systems Senior Engineer, Roberto Sassu, Senior Security Engineer Trusted Computing (Huawei) \
[Download slides]() - [See video]()
* The brain needs a nervous system - Supporting Cloud to Thing AI -- Luca Cominardi, PhD, Senior Technologist (AdLink) \
[Download slides]( - [See video](
* Conclusion & Wrap-up - Join the Working Group! -- Gaël Blondelle, Vice President, Ecosystem Development (Eclipse Foundation) \
[See video](
## Eclipse Open Source AI Workshop S1E2 (2020-09-30)
* Video: [Welcome Message | Gaël Blondelle | Open Source AI Workshop S1E2](
* Video: [Trustworthy AI & Open Source | Eclipse Open Source AI Workshop S1E2](
* Video: [Introduction to Pixano: an Open Source Tool to Assist Annotation of Image Databases | Open Source AI](
## Eclipse Open Source AI Workshop #1 (2020-06-11)
* Video: [Towards an open source AI initiative at the Eclipse Foundation](
* Video: [Political challenges and opportunities in making open source AI mainstream](
* Video: [Eclipse Deeplearning4j: How to run AI workloads on Jakarta EE compliant servers](
* Video: [Meet MindSpore, the new open source AI framework!](
* Video: [Questions and Answers](
title: "AICE Use Cases"
seo_title: "Use Cases - AICE"
keywords: ["AICE", "Use cases"]
## The AICE OpenLab
Status: Running.
The AICE OpenLab is a platform where partners can discuss and share AI-related resources, experiences and benchmarks.
It relies on [AI4EU Experiments]( to provide a marketplace and visual editor to execute complex AI workflows, and also provides a Kubernetes cluster for the execution, demonstration and benchmarking of these workflows.
The first project to use the OpenLab platform is the AURA use case.
## The AURA Healthcare use case
Status: Complete.
> Check out the article we wrote at [The AURA demonstrator](/articles/aice_aura_demonstrator/)
We worked with the [AURA healthcare]( association on an ML workflow that detects epileptic seizures before they happen, based on ECGs.
* Work with the team on the portability and industrialisation of the prototype.
* Bring the AURA ML workflow to the AICE OpenLab marketplace to foster exchange and collaboration on their solution.
* Provide a k8s cluster to execute resource-intensive tasks and demonstrate the workflow.
> See the [GitHub repository](
## Eclipse Graphene
Status: Running.
Eclipse Graphene provides an extensible marketplace of reusable solutions for AI and machine learning, sourced from a variety of AI toolkits and languages that ordinary developers, who are not machine-learning experts or data scientists, can easily use to create their own applications.
> [Eclipse Graphene](
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<a href="">
<img src="{{ "images/partner-logos/castalia_solutions_logo-transparent.png" | absURL}}" alt="Castalia Solutions logo" class="members-img" /></a>
<a href="">
<img src="{{ "images/partner-logos/huawei-logo.png" | absURL}}" alt="Huawei logo" class="members-img" /></a>
<a href="">
<img src="{{ "images/partner-logos/continental-vector-logo.png" | absURL}}" alt="Continental logo" class="members-img" /></a>
<a href="">
<img src="{{ "images/partner-logos/Engineering.png" | absURL}}" alt="Engineering logo" class="members-img" /></a>
<a href="">
<img src="{{ "images/partner-logos/eurotech-logo.png" | absURL}}" alt="Eurotech logo" class="members-img" /></a>
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