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Add organization to agenda examples page

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......@@ -154,3 +154,14 @@ Targets ./data/en/multistream/agenda.yaml:
{{< bootstrap/modal id="eclipsefdn-modal-event-session" >}}
## Agenda w/ Organization field
Targets ./data/en/organization/agenda.yaml:
{{< events/agenda event="organization">}}
{{< bootstrap/modal id="eclipsefdn-modal-event-session" >}}
complete: true
- name: Demo
id: 1
color: "#e44"
- name: Keynote
id: b2
color: "#a0a"
- name: Cloud
id: 3
color: "#66e"
- name: Open-source software
presenter: Ken K.
abstract: "<p>Sample abstract <a href='#'>Sample link</a></p>"
organization: test 1
type: 1
vod: "#1"
- name: How to 'how to'
presenter: Jim Bob
type: b2
vod: "#2"
organization: test 2
- name: Industry Keynote
presenter: Eclipse Foundation, .etc
type: b2
vod: "#3"
- name: Best practices for Interneting your Things
presenter: Adam A.
type: 3
vod: "#4"
organization: test 3
- name: Lunch Break
type: break
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