Commit 14ac9f78 authored by Martin Lowe's avatar Martin Lowe 🇨🇦 Committed by Martin Lowe
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Add skip for when returned project data is null or array (unknown state)

Signed-off-by: Martin Lowe's avatarMartin Lowe <>
parent f4d9d054
......@@ -55,6 +55,10 @@ project_response = HTTParty.get("{pr
## Format data to be able to easily read and process it
project_json_data = MultiJson.load(project_response.body)
if (project_json_data.nil? || == 'Array') then
puts "Couldn't load project data, assumed non-tracked project and skipping validation."
exit 0
## Get the web URL, checking if project is a fork to get original project URL
if (!project_json_data['forked_from_project'].nil?) then
puts "Non-Eclipse project repository detected: ECA validation will be skipped.\n\nNote that any issues with sign off or committer access will be flagged upon merging into the main project repository."
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