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      Fix issues with pagination not respecting pagesize, and recorder key gen · d12c7eb0
      Martin Lowe authored
      Cache recorders were using pagination params as part of the unique key
      generation but this is incorrect. Using those keys led to bad matching
      as pagination params would not affect any of the current cache recorder
      results. This also meant some cases where defaults were set would
      generate keys that don't match outside of the cache.
      Also added a ton of redundancy to referencing the response as it isn't
      always present.
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      Added configuration setting to disable default provider method · 53798e3d
      Martin Lowe authored
      This can be used to provide your own datasource to the generator when
      not using the default datasource/dao.
    • Martin Lowe's avatar
      Add support for distributed CSRF tokens (via persistence) · 44468523
      Martin Lowe authored
      Current standard CSRF functionality is default, with the distributed
      CSRF tokens able to be enabled through distributed mode flag.
      Additionally, adding persistence DTO to your default datasource and
      adding the subsequent table to your database is required. Some extra
      code is required to enable this functionality on a non-default
      Ported some code for centralized date time functionalities to
      standardize access to zoned datetimes.
  13. 28 Feb, 2022 1 commit
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      New cacherecorder+API middleware services, SQL query gen fixes · 2150cb0b
      Martin Lowe authored
      Updated SQL parameter ordinal injection to account for growing offset
      (multiple ordinals in the same clause would render incorrectly). Added
      join type override to allow for left or inner joins.
      Imported and improved API middleware service into core lib. Will allow
      either retrieval of full set of results or single page with passthrough
      of pagination attributes for link header generation. Added Flat
      (non-aware) request wrapper for when calls are made outside of request
      context and context cannot be properly initialized.
      Updated pagination default max to 100 to better accommodate batch
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      Add abstraction layer to avoid ambiguous insertions · 9b16c5a0
      Martin Lowe authored
      Previous code was having issues where subclasses of the previous default
      would be ambiguous as the Quarkus CDI implies @Default on the resource I
      generate which is then inherited. There was no quick way to fix it other
      than this. This patch will cause breaks in calling code that are easily
      fixed by updating imports.
  22. 03 Sep, 2021 1 commit
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      Upgrade to Quarkus 2.0 · e20d8019
      Martin Lowe authored
      - Fixed configuration source which added a new method to implement
      - Repaired the persistence extension BuildTime processor which had references to no longer existing buildstep enhancements.
      - Added missing config values for Solr DAO that caused build failures with more strict default value checking.
      - Added explicit creation of placeholder DB DAO for search, as the unremovable flag was ignored.
  23. 19 Jul, 2021 1 commit
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      Update to add external hook for page size for paginated results · f7da80fb
      Martin Lowe authored
      Adds header and check to response to react to external page size changes. This removes any coupling that the core module could have to the persistence module. Added a call in the persistence module to handle adding the headers to the response.
      Additionally, attempts to fix issue with the build where Persistence deployment buildstep isn't being resolved in the search library.
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