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Template for project termination reviews

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This template is used by the EMO to track the termination of a project.
Parts of this issue can initially be left blank.
Set the title of this issue to the name of the project_name
You can delete the comments (or not).
The EMO is using this issue to track the progress of a project termination review.
We have cited lack of development activity as the reason for the termination. Project leads and committers can add more to the review documentation if desired.
The purpose of a Termination Review is to provide a final opportunity for the Committers and/or Eclipse Membership at Large to discuss the proposed archiving of a Project. The desired outcome is to find sufficient evidence of renewed interest and resources in keeping the Project active.
## Project
<!-- Project name and termination review link from the PMI -->
Project: [{project_name}](PMI link)
## Termination Review Checklist
_To be completed by the EMO_
Following termination, we'll need to shutdown/archive:
- [ ] Website
- [ ] Git repositories
- [ ] Mailing list
- [ ] Forum
- [ ] Bugzilla product
- [ ] Retire committers, project leads, and mentors relationships
<!-- Specification projects only
Being this a specification project, a Spec Committee ballot to aprove the project termination must run for at least one week
- [ ] Specification Committee ballot initiated
- [ ] Specification Committee ballot concluded successfully
<!-- Quick actions will configure the state of the issue. Leave these. -->
/label ~"Project Termination" ~"Review Request"
/assign @wbeaton @mdelgado624
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