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Recently, the Eclipse Foundation's Board of Directors approved the creation of the XYZ Top-Level Project.
We'll use this issue to track all of the activities that we need to undertake to get bootstrap the new Top-Level Project.
> Meta: creating Top-Level Projects is a relatively rare occurrence, so our processes are not particularly refined (combine this with the fact that we're evolving all of our processes). Given that the nature of when and how we stand up new Top-Level Projects is evolving, we need to also evolve corresponding process and tools. We'll use our experience with the creation of this Top-Level Project to capture the process as best we can and turn it into something more refined and repeatable. If anything is confusing at any point in this process, please ask for clarification. We will move quickly; your patience is appreciated.
To create a new Top-Level Project, _the EMO_ needs to:
- [ ] Select a short name for the project
- [ ] Create a record in the Foundation DB (internal)
- [ ] Provision backend resources (e.g., LDAP)
- [ ] Assign the PMC Lead and PMC Member roles
- [ ] Create a record in the PMI
- [ ] Capture the charter in the PMI
- [ ] Create the PMC Mailing list
- [ ] Verify that PMC Lead and PMC Member roles have been propagated to the PMI
- [ ] Align existing subprojects with the new Top-Level Project
- [ ] Set up a call with the new PMC
Following our usual convention, the short name for the new Top-Level Project would be `xyz`, which would make the ID of the XYZ project `` meaning that the PMI page URL would, for example, become ``.
Subprojects that we need to align with the new Top-Level Project:
- tlp.sp1
- tlp.sp2
Resorces My understanding is that there are no resource requirements for the new Top-Level Project. That is, there is no current need for Git repositories or a website. For completeness, the TLP is entitled to a website, but since the working group already has its own website, my assumption is that creating an additional website would just create confusion in the community. Please advise if my assumption is invalid.
The notion of committers on a Top-Level project is not generally meaningful in the case where a Top-Level project has none of its own resources. In the event that the Top-Level requires, say, a Git repository of it's own, we'll add committers.
Have I missed anything?
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