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......@@ -8,18 +8,24 @@ Set the title of this issue to the project's id, e.g., "technology.dash"
You can delete the comments (or not).
The EMO is using this issue to track this progress review. Help regarding the process can be found in the [Eclipse Foundation Project Handbook](
## Project
[{Project Name}]({pmi link})
## Intellectual Property Management
_To be completed by the EMO._
- [ ] All project code is correctly licensed
- [ ] All project code has [copyright and license headers]( correctly applied
- [ ] All distributed third-party content has been vetted by the IP Due Diligience process (i.e., IP Log has been approved)
## Open Source Rules of Engagement
_To be completed by the EMO and PMC._
- [ ] Project is operating within the mission and scope defined in its top-level project’s charter
......@@ -36,6 +42,8 @@ Specific:
## Branding and Trademarks
_To be completed by the EMO and PMC._
If the project has a custom website...
- [ ] Project website uses the project's formal name in first and all prominent references
......@@ -49,6 +57,8 @@ General:
## Legal Documentation
_To be completed by the EMO and PMC._
Specific files:
- [ ] License files in all repository roots
......@@ -66,6 +76,8 @@ Required elements:
## Metadata
_To be completed by the EMO and PMC._
- [ ] The formal name, e.g. "Eclipse Foo™", is used in the project title
- [ ] The formal name including appropriate marks (e.g, "™") is used in the first mention in the text of the project description, and scope
- [ ] The project description starts with a single paragraph that can serve as an executive summary
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